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Closer look at is a service provider to watch free movies online that has existed since 2010. This website can be accessed through two urls, ie and,they also have another domain name that is Wonder what their reasons behind the use of these two urls, perhaps to solve the problem if one url can not be accessed. If we see more detail, the look of this website has a resemblance to the design of the Even its logo has a very similar design, although there is little difference, in general the logo looks the same. Not yet known whether a relationship exists between with, but for it is clear there is a relationship because it is written clearly on their website that they are a continuation of the

View of the web page

On the main page of, at the top visitors can see eight featured movies. These films display is actually a sliding menu that can be used by the visitors to choose the featured movies are provided by Under the sliding menu, there are other menus that are the links to pages that have been provided by them, like new, featured, top, tags, genres, playlists, and user pages. The pages are of course made in order to facilitate the visitors to find what they are looking for.

New page contains the latest movies in the database. For those of you who do not want to miss to watch the latest movies of course you can visit this page. Because the films on this page are the latest movies, do not expect much from the picture quality. If you want to get a good picture quality, you should wait some time until zmovie provides links containing film with a good-quality images. This also applies to other websites that provide free movies not just, if you want to watch a movie with a good quality then you should wait for a few weeks or months or selecting the films that have been circulating for several months.

Featured films page contains a selection of movies that exist in, which seems to be selected based on the number of votes and the best rating. The content of the pages is of course the same as the sliding menu that we discussed earlier. Top page is a page that contains movies with the best rating. Ratings are based on input from members of their forum. Tags page is a page that contains the tags given by the members of the forum on existing movies. Tags that exist on this page will lead to search page in and will display the search results using the tag itself as a keyword.

Genres page contains links to a search page in, using genre selected by the visitor as its keyword. The search results will show films according to the selected genre. Playlists page contains playlists made by the members of zmovie website. Here visitors can see the contents of the playlist along with the names of members who make it. Users page contains the names of forum moderator, along with the names of members who fall into the category of “top link hunters” and “top 50 members”.

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