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Watch blockbuster movie on youtube movies

youtube moviesYoutube is known because they provide the videos are uploaded by its members and can be enjoyed by anyone. Maybe for most people, the first thing that come to mind when hearing the name of this website is the ‘youtube movies’ because this website allows people to watch free video, although there never was the latest blockbuster movies that can be watched on youtube, just some free license old movies that exists and can be watched freely on youtube.

But since May 2011 they started offering new films that can be rented by people from the U.S. You can see the movies are rented by them at In september youtube opening the same service for Canadian people, and in October they opened a youtube movies service for people from United Kingdom. There are movies that are only available in a single country, so it is not rented in other countries, such as canuck classics which available only in Canada.

Youtube in collaboration with Hollywood film producers like Warner Brothers, Sony, Lions Gate and universal studios, to provide movies which will be rented by them. As for the UK, youtube in collaboration with Revolver Entertainment, a famous film company in the UK. In addition to providing movies, youtube also provides other features that can be enjoyed by renters such as behind the scenes, blooper reels and cast interviews.

For rental rates, youtube put up the price of $ 4.99 for new releases and $ 3.99 for old movies. While in the UK, the rent is £ 3.49 for new releases and between £ 2.49 – £ 3.49 for older titles. Let’s hope that youtube movies service can be enjoyed in all countries in the future.

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