Posted by admin | Posted under Review. review are websites that provide free movies online that can be watched instantly on their website by their visitors. This website is a continuation of, which exists since 2007. At first, vidics not provide free movies, but provide mp3 format songs that can be downloaded instantly by the visitors. They changed their service from the previously supply mp3 songs that can be downloaded to provide free movies online in mid-November 2007. Appearance of website in contrast to the present moment, even in December 2007 change their appearance again. This change continues until finally in early 2011, not only change the look of their website but also to change the url into

If we look at the link menu on the, we can see that this website provides two kinds of options that can be downloaded by their website visitors. First is the movies in theaters, and the second is the popular tv shows that we can find today. Apart from the two links that have been mentioned, on the menu bar on every page of vidics, visitors can also choose the type of movies based on genre such as Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Horror, Animation, and Documentary.

In the “Films” page visitors can choose the movies they want, in this page added a feature to filter movies that are available so visitors can choose the movies they want easily. Filters offered by vidics quite a lot, such as a filter based on years of release of the movie which is from 1940 until now, based on the date – whether the last added or added first, by popularity, first letter or genre. Genres that exist in the filter menu has more choices than the genre in the menu bar, so this is very helpful to find movies that coveted by visitors of

“TV Shows” page has the same features as the films page. In this page you will find many popular TV series and with the filters provided by, you can choose your favorite tv show. Season of the tv series available fairly complete, you can watch from the first series last until the newly series appear on tv. So if you are a fan of the tv series, then will become your favorite place.


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