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About is a website that provides services similar to, which is as a provider of free video hosting service. This website even has existed since 2006, in contrast to vidskip which newly born in 2011, although until the end of 2010 videobam not have content at all. Their service currently used by some websites that provide free movies online, such as and Just like vidskip, services are private and can only be seen when the user who upload videos to this website, share the video link that they have. So if you want to find a video that is in then you should get a direct link from their service users such as mobilevids and you can not directly get the video you want on this website.

Content and menus in

The view from the main page is quite simple. The largest part of the display directly visible to the visitors is a box that contains the field to find videos that located on the user’s hard drive that will be uploaded to the videobam server. They also provide menus for different types of video to be uploaded, which is family safe and not safe for work. In addition to providing a way for users of their services to upload videos directly from their hard drive, videobam also provide another option is to get the video from the url provided by the user. The maximum size of video files that can be uploaded is 500MB for the free service, while for a paid service, the maximum size that can be uploaded is 1 GB.

If we compare with vidskip, the maximum size of video files that are provided by is smaller because vidskip provide up to 1 GB file size and it is free, at least until this article was created. For videobam users who are dissatisfied with their free service, they can switch to a paid service. Features in the paid service are the video file size is larger, which is up to 1 GB. Then they can upload via a URL, there is no video removal, video conversion of a maximum of ten parallel, ad-free, ad-free stream to viewers, password protection option, and there are several other advantages offered in the paid service by

At the bottom of website, there are some links that go to bookmark us, DMCA, terms, and the API page. Advantages that exist in videobam, if we compare with the current vidskip is the API that can be used by developers. With the existence of this API, the developer can call functions in videobam through their program. So for those of you who want to use their services through your website and do not want to go back and forth to visit, can be helped by the existence of this API.

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