Posted by admin | Posted under Review. is one of the websites that provide services for free watch tv shows and movies online. Like most other similar websites, they using existing database at to display the rating, popularity charts, and brief reviews of the movies they show. While for the films that show on their website, taken from some other websites like,, and

When we visited the main page of, we will come across several columns that display menus which is available on this website. There are five main column which can be seen that is movie or tvshow search field located at the top. Then there are the “Top 10 Movies” column, which contains movies that were popular at this time based on data from imdb. And then there are the “Top 10 TV Episodes” column, which contains the episodes from tv shows that are popular today. At the bottom we can also see the “Last aired TV Shows / Episodes” column, which contains the last episodes that just aired on television. The last column on the right side of the website, and contains the featured movie and also the Most Popular Categories of movies and tv shows in

At the very top of website we can find the links that led to movies, tv shows and tube+ charts page. When we visited TV Shows page, we’ll see some more columns are created to facilitate the search from tv show desired by the visitors of this website. The first column is the “Top Voted TV Shows” column, which contains the best tv shows are selected by the viewer, based on data taken from When we click on one tv show title we choose, then we’re taken to a new page that contains the episodes from the TV show. Episode that aired by is the latest episode, and we can choose same episode which is available on other websites such as,,, etc. along with the data file is uploaded and whether the file is functioning properly. Moreover we can also see a column that contains the number of episodes in, so that we can easily get the episodes that we seek.

Appearance in Movies page, not much different than what appeared on tv shows page. We’ll see the “Top Voted Movies” column, which contains the best movies selected by the audience for which data is taken from imdb website. There was also “Newly Released Movies” column, which of course contains the latest movies in When we clicked the movie that we select, we will be brought to a page that will show the film. On this page there is also a column that contains other websites that have the same files from a movie that can be selected by us. Data from the movie file that we can see is the time of upload, the quality of the movie itself is taken using a camera or taken from the dvd, and whether the movie files can be watched or not.

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