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Quicksilverscreen.com history

quicksilverscreen.comQuicksilverscreen.com established in 2004 and was originally a website that discusses the news that were popular at the time. They just provide links to TV shows in the final months of 2006, but at that time, showing the link from the tv shows have not become a major part of their website, so still as one part of their website content in addition to other articles with different topics. The links that they have at that time are from dailymotion.com. Also their website was still a simple wordpress blog, different from the current display. In november 2006 quicksilverscreen.com added a forum on their website, so their members could be requesting a video or share the video link that they have.

In December 2006 Steve Thompson founder of quicksilverscreen.com, gave away this website, as demanded by Fox regarding copyright issues. Having changed owners, appearance and forums still exist and more and more tv shows are presented on this website. The new owner also added a link sales of TV shows that can be purchased at amazon. In March 2007 they changed their website layout into a column that contains the titles of TV shows and movies. Looks like this they do to make it easier for visitors to search for the movies or tv shows they want. And finally in 2011 quicksilverscreen.com transferred to the new url which is quicksilverscreen.ch

The menus and features available in quicksilverscreen.com

At the top of quicksilverscreen web page, there are menus that contain links to the TV page shows, movies page, cartoons page, documentaries page, music videos page, chat page, QSS games links, contact page and forums. For TV shows, movies, cartoons, Documentaries, and music videos, subdivided into several sub-menus, which is most popular, browse by a to z, and the recently released / added. Then under the main menu there are two columns of “Top Movies” and “Top TV Shows. These columns contain seven images from movies and TV shows that are currently popular.

In addition to those mentioned above, in quicksilverscreen.com web page there is also a search field to search for movies and TV shows, this is useful for those of you who do not want to bother to look for movies alphabetically. Then there is also “Recently Added” column, which contains the latest videos added by members. Under the column there are two other columns that contain “Most Popular Movies” and “Most Popular TV Shows”. Then underneath there is a column that contains a choice of movies selected by quicksilverscreen staff.

On the right sidebar of quicksiverscreen.com there are three columns. First is statistics column, which contains a number of videos online, the total number of members and the number of posts. After that there was a “Channels” column, that contains the genres thread, that is in their forums. Genres or types of video in the forum they are anime, bollywood, cartoons, documentaries, funny / short / web, movies, music videos, sports, stand up comedy, trailers, and TV shows. The last column on the right sidebar of “Community” column, which contains several topics of discussion at the quicksilverscreen forum. Although they have a large number of videos, but it seems not as complete as other websites such as movie2k, because when we tried to find one of the movie title it did not exist in their database, but maybe because we did not look properly. But as the provider of free movies online, quicksilverscreen.com quite helpful for people who want to watch movies online.

Today quicksiverscreen.ch been shut down. It seems they saw megaupload case as a reason to shut down their website, although only themselves who knew the real reason. But for those of you who like to watch movies online, you can see our review that discusses similar websites like quicksilverscreen.com, which provides services for free movies online.

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