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onlinewatchmovies.netFor those of you who want to watch telugu movies, bollywood, or other types of movies from India, then you can visit Apparently, this website is specialized to show movies from India, although there are hollywood movies, but do not expect you can watch the latest movies. Hollywood movies in this website is just old movies and also not well-known movies and most of these films are from youtube. The same thing happened to animated films. Do not expect you can watch the latest animated movies from the manga series that you like, or the latest cartoon movies in the cinema and television. Looks like we can guess the country of origin of owner, based on the majority type of movies on this website. :)

Now let us look at more detail on the content and appearance of This website is built using the wordpress platform and not using a particular theme such as a photo gallery theme, but just uses a standard look of the blog. At the top of their website, we can see the categories of movies which available in In addition to the categories that can be seen on the top menu, there are other categories of the movie list, adult movies, kids movies, bengali movies, animation movies, horror movies, documentary, and several other categories. It seems tries to present as much as possible choice of the type of movie that can be viewed by visitors of their website.

Under the top menu that contains the categories available in, there is also a menu that contains movie genres. Genres are provided by them are action, animation, adventure, crime, comedy, drama, family, fantasy, mystery, romance, Sci-Fi, horror, thriller, and war. Genres menu is made from the tags at the bottom of each movies article available in this website. So when a visitor clicks on one genre at menu, then they will be brought to the genre pages which is typical of the tag page of a wordpress blog.

When we visited the main page of, then in addition to the menus that have been discussed earlier, visitors can see the footage of the articles contain the latest movies on this website. As mentioned previously, hollywood movies in this website are the movies that exist in youtube, which is free to watch in full. On the right side of these articles, there are two sidebars. The first sidebar contains the categories are more complete than the top menu. Then there is also the dubbed movies, which contains links to a page that contains the films already dubbed. Translational type in this website is from english to hindi, english to punjabi, english to tamil, english to telugu, Marathi to Hindi, Tamil to hindi, telugu to hindi, telugu to Malayalam, and the latter is bengali to hindi.

On the rightmost sidebar of the main page, there is a column that contains the menu to browse movies by year and the alphabet, either for hindi movies or for the English language movies. There are also other fields such as movie previews, movie reviews, latest hindi movies, hollywood movies, tamil movies, and dubbed movies. These columns contain links that will reach a page from the articles of the targeted movie. With the number of movies from India that is in database, certainly can be slightly quench the thirst for film fans from this country.


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