Posted by admin | Posted under Review. Review this article we will discuss about the websites that offer free movies online, which is For those of you who are looking for the latest movies can be watched online, the website is likely to be suitable for you. Movieonhand provides many recent movies, but you do not expect to get good quality, due to the latest movies mostly taken from the cinema using the camcorder. itself is a continuation of other websites which is the precursor of this site, which is,, and It seems the owners of these websites are always moving to a new url every time they want, who knows how long the lifespan of own before being moved into new domains, and actually once they redirect some of movieonhand pages to new url which is but right now all pages is not redirected anymore and use their internal pages.

When we see the appearance of, it looks quite simple and is supported by a simple navigation as well, making it easier for the iPhone or other smartphone users when choosing the films that they want. By using the navigation in alphabetical order, then you can easily find and watch and even download the movie you are looking for. Collection of movies offered by them, are movies that produced from 1998 to 2011.

The conclusion can we draw from this website is that if you want to watch free movies online from your smartphone without considering the legality and quality, then is suitable for you, even though it doesn’t have view and navigation quality level like Of course if you want to watch movies with perfect picture quality, then you should look for other alternatives that legal and certainly not free.

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