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Glimpse of the history of established since April 2008 and since the beginning of its birth is intended for movie fans who want to watch movies online. In the early presence of this website, they had experienced problems with loss of half of the movie database links they get from, so they recruit volunteers to add new video links from Veoh and megaupload. These volunteers will also help to promote their website and also manage the existing forums. At that time, just provide links to movies only and do not have an option for other kinds of video such as TV shows and anime, such as currently available.

At that time, the database owned by only increases slightly during the early months of their presence. In addition they also need donations to run their website, which also only increased slightly for months they are open for donations. The design of their website also has not changed much in those early months. Menus are available at that time in ie links to the featured, flash, divx, recommend sites, forums and faq page. As the name implies, featured page contains a choice of films while the flash and divx pages, containing both movies are made ??in these image format.

Appearance of current

Now let’s look at the design and menus that exist in the current website. On the main page of their website there are several main column, which is an excerpt from the content of the pages on that website. The first column contains the featured movies, and contains a selection of eight films. In that column there are also links that take visitors to enter the featured movies page, which of course contains a more complete selection of movies. At the movies featured page, there is a help menu to facilitate the search for the movie. Help menu offered by which consists of, search alphabetically movies, latest movie, featured, popular, flash, and divx.

The next column of the main page in is a column that contains the new movies. In this field there are twelve new movies taken from the movies page. In the new movies page there is also a help menu, which exactly like in the featured movies page. Then on the right of the main page there is a sidebar that contains two columns. The first column contains ten populat TV shows and the number of visitors who have watched the show. The second column contains twelve new TV shows recently added to the database. The interesting things from is when the visitor moves the cursor to one of the existing movie image, it will display a bubble that contains the resumes of the film. Things that are not found on other websites that have been discussed previously by us.

In addition to the columns that have been described above, also use menu that will shifted automatically every time a visitor shifted his website pages. The menu contains links that go to movies, TV, anime, and the forum pages. When we enter one of the pages of movie provided by them, then the upper part of the page visitors will see pictures of movie posters along with data such as the release date, run time, the number of video links that exist in their database, the number of people who have been see the movie, and also a short description of the movie storyline. Below are the links of the movie as well as information about the websites that provide the movie. Perhaps the lack of is they do not provide information about the picture quality of the movie that existed at these websites. If this information is included would be very helpful for visitors from to choose the movie with the best image quality.


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