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movie2kAre you looking for free movies search engines? If that’s what you want, then you can try to visit They claims that they are the website which people can find free movies online, so you can find any movies that exist on the internet easily, or in other words they are movies search engine. Actually this website not only helping their visitor to find movies from other websites, but they also embed the movie itself on their website. They also have twin names of fabric that is, .me, and .ws. All of these domain names will be redirected to, so the actual website that currently exists is retrieve data for the movies database that they have from some other website like stream2k, royalvids, movshare, megavideo, and several other websites. Movies are obtained from such websites then placed on their web page, so visitors can instantly watch movies without having to visit such websites. As we know, the quality of the new movies you can watch certainly not perfect, because it is a pirated movie and most of the new movies are taken with the camera in cinema, but if only to satisfy your curiosity at the expense of quality, the new released movie can be watched on is adequate. For movies that have been exist long enough, usually the picture quality is good because it is usually taken from a DVD or other source that has an excellent-quality. Sometimes there are movies that have been deleted by the website that became the host, but because a lot of choice of providers of movies to choose from, visitors of movie2k still can watch the movie of their choice.

In addition to offering free new movies with poor quality, also offer new movies with HD quality. Of course to get high-quality movie is not free, this is one of the income for which became an affiliate of another website. If you want to spend money to watch high quality movies, you can also get other benefits, namely the security aspect of the movie that you watched. When you watch movies for free from Web sites that exist, we do not know whether the file is clean from any virus or not, but if you watch the original movie from movie2k, of course movies that we watch are more secure from malware or viruses.

The inside of movie2k website

At the top of movie2k website, there is some link to the news page, register, faq, contact, and add a movie page. News links leading to the front page of the website, and for some reason they do not make a special page for news. Register page contains fields that can be filled by people who want to become a member of this website. While the Add a movie page is a page for members who want to send the links of movies.

At the bottom of these links, there is a field to find the desired movie in movie2k database. Then there is also a movie search, which is based on language. The visitors who want to find a movie that uses the language of French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, German, or Russian can easily find that by clicking on the pictures of flags which represent the language. In addition to searching the links mentioned above, movie2k also adds three menus, to facilitate the search. The menus of Movies, TV shows and XXX movies. The menus are divided into several sub-menus, which is “Cinema Movies” (especially for movies menu), then “Featured” (especially for TV shows menu), Latest updates, All movies / all TV shows, genres, top movies / top tv shows, and last the RSS feed.

Then under these menus, on the main page of movie2k website visitors can see two main columns, namely the “latest updates” and the “Cinema movies”. Latest updates column contains links to movies that just added to the database, while cinema movies column contains the latest movies and a brief description such as genre, websites that have the movie and its image quality. From existing content, we can conclude that movie2k have enough database that contains links to recent movies and this website can be one of your choice to watch movies online. In early February 2012, movie2k change the appearance of their main page and only show Japanese movies, but you can still find Hollywood movies by finding the movie in the search field.

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