Posted by admin | Posted under Review. is a free service provider of online movies which are old enough, exactly established since 2006. The look of this website at early year is very different from the current view, although most of the menu remains the same. Like the other websites that provide similar services, not upload the movies they show on their website, but just take a link from other websites such as dailymotion, YouTube, etc. so they do not store these movies on their servers. Movies link on their website is partly a result of submissions from their members. If seen from their contact address, based in Germany precisely in Norderstedt.

When we see the view from main page, then at the top we could see the links that connect to the page of each type of video provided by them. The types that they offer are movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons, documentary, music clips, and sports. It’s a lot more than other websites that we have discussed previously. At the bottom of the main links, there is another link that is new links, which will bring visitors to the page containing the latest video links, and most viewed link, which contains the videos most watched by visitors.

In addition to the menus of links, in main page there are also two columns contain the latest video links which exist on this website, and the column that contains the popular video links. Meanwhile in the left sidebar, visitors can find login form for members who want to access special features members, and also there is a link to register as a member Also in the left sidebar, visitors of this website can see some video links, which contain a combination of each type of video links that exist in

When we visited one of the menu links page at website, for example movie page, we’ll see the links that will help us to make it easier to find videos that we want. There are four types of links provided by them, the New Links that contains links to the latest video page, whether from the latest movies, tv shows, anime, etc. The next link is the link to Top 50 page, which contains 50 videos of the most watched by visitors of The next link is a link that will bring to the genre page, specifically for the movie, and for other types, we will be brought to a page that contains all the video links that exist in

The last link is a link that is made in alphabetical order, so that will make it easier for visitors who already know the name of the video they are looking for. Maybe some of you who ask what the difference from the content between anime and cartoon page page. The answer is fill anime page with lots of animation that originated from the manga or Japanese comics. For cartoon pages, they filled it with cartoons from the westerns.

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