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a1own moviesIn this article we will review about a1own movies. At the beginning of this website was born, that is mid-2008, a1own.com is a website that provides JavaScript games, not yet provide movies and tv shows that can be watched by their visitors. In early 2009, a1own.com transform its service into a website that sells a variety of eBook, but soon they changed their service again, becomes providing TV series that can be watched by their visitors.

a1own.com at that time focused their appearance for the visitors coming from mobile phones. In the final months of 2010, a1own.com change their service, back into service to download the songs, before finally down and only displays the sentence which says to contact the owner of the website to find out why a1own.com down.

It seems from the beginning a1own.com never fully constructed by the owner, because there is always some pages of the website whose content is not complete. When we compare with movieonhand.com or movie2k.to, obviously the look and quality of a1own.com website is far behind. So if you want to find websites that provide free movies online, you should look at other than this website.


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